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The Perfect Plan is an ancient dramaturgical script translated by the descendants of a telepathic turkey named Evan. The novel is an ominous, slightly ribald comic-tragedy conveyed through the theatrical endeavors and disputations of five scripters, a narrator, and numerous gifted actors. The story centers on Jimmie Linguine, an ill-fated, often crude, semi-heroic clown who is destined after numerous deaths and reincarnations to be president of a chain of islands that are remnants of Earth after global warming. His short lifecycles, the curse of receiving derelict mothers, and his clownish character contribute in a historical sense to an apocalyptic war that led to the annihilation of all humanity.


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William Wilken Wilder Stood Naked is a novel in progress. The protagonist, William Wilkin Wilder is an elderly man who confronts death. Thankfully, he is not alone. Baby Billy is with him and the duo, young and old, in diapers, mount a hobbyhorse, and ride off on a weird and wondrous journey to find love before it is too late.
Does the story sound interesting?
I thought it might be appealing or distasteful to prospective readers if they had a chance to examine excerpts of discarded material perhaps to acquire a taste, good or bad, for the novel. I will release these little hors d’ oeuvre of deleted material periodically in hopes that feedback will be forthcoming.
Have fun with this little experiment and let me know what you think.
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Here is the hors d’ oeuvre:

The subject matter of the debate, as one can imagine, concerned the need for a speed limit on a seldom-used dirt trail and of course, the fastest speed recorded by a camel was well below the 40 MPH speed limit.”

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Eidilon Bogey Remember Me is a Book of Poetry by D’lo

Eidolon Bogey Remember Me, a New Book by D'lo

Eidolon Bogey Remember Me, a New Book by D’lo


Eidolon Bogey Remember Me

Eidolon Bogey and Skinny Tom are twins of contrasting color. They have different fathers. The light-skinned brother, Skinny Tom, commissioned D’lo to write a book of poetry that documented him and his brother’s turbulent life. A life that from conception was destined for hardship and failure. The poetry in “Eidolon Bogey Remember Me” renders in shocking detail, the actions of their abusive mother, the twin’s life of crime, and ill-fated love affairs. It also delves into the sibling’s internal discord, and disturbing reaction to personal loss, and betrayal. Skinny Tom and Eidolon Bogey’s life story, when placed in a social context, concerns the inherent complexities of individual lives, especially the disadvantaged, in today’s society. As Emma Goldman aptly stated, “Every society has the criminals it deserves.

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Example of a Fictional Poem


Here is a fictional poem from D’lo’s new book of poetry, Eidolon Bogey Remember Me.

^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^

Eidolon’s Return to Crime

My teeth glint in a smile. I am waiting
Below a streetlight smoking.
Wisps drift,
Up, ebbs into the night. Roberto Appears.
He sports a Fu Manchu, a greasy head
Of hair & walks in a fluid gangsta-
Rumba…step & drag, step & drag,
His hand swings, in rhythm, sways low
& rises free & easy.
A -38-pistola rides in his belt.
I nod a welcome-
He grins, looks at the darkening sky,
Looks at his shoes. Flags the nylon
Stocking out of his pocket,
To fit his face.
I look at the restaurant.
Estrella is working. It will be easy.

^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^


Note the clandestine mood of the poem. In addition, notice the rhythm used to convey Roberto’s appearance and actions. Finally, D’lo used the last line to leap away from the two characters Eidolon and Roberto and focus on Estrella. He left the last stanza open for interpretation. Is Estrella a victim or an accomplice?



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Fictional Poetry- A Process of Innovation and Invention.

subconscious Mind

Fictional Poetry- A Process of Innovation

and Invention

So, what is Fictional poetry? In general, fictional poetry is an idea extracted from reality and modified in such a way that the concept is no longer true. The writing, derived from the poet’s duplicitous imagination is fictitious. It is not confessional centered on personal experiences, but rather theoretical based on invented possibilities.

How does one write a free verse fictional poem? Here is my method using Plowing.

What is Plowing?

Plowing is a method of writing utilizing the subconscious to create poetry and prose. In poetry, one uses the subconscious to fabricate a scenario. This intuitive construct allows the lyricism of one’s voice to express poetic mood. Each poem will have a different tone based on topic, intent, and desired emotional impact.

As a side note, emotional poems tend to be slower, more melodic. Action poems tend to be faster with short bursts of energy more of a stutter than a song.

Your conscious mind does the editing.

Are you ready?

Select a topic or idea or just begin writing automatically. Do not be restrictive make your writing habitable, you will need to live in it for a while.

The first line will establish your tone.The body of the poem will contain your intent and rhythm. Write until you are satisfied, then edit.

Place the lines in logical order, remove all excess words, and limit the use of adverbs.

Think carefully about the last line. If possible, make it leap away from the body of the text as a summary or vision, something perhaps unrelated or distantly related to what you have just written.

Robert Bly is a master of the leaping technique. This is a short poem by Mr.Bly which demonstrates a leap in the last line.

A Loon’s Cry

From far out in the center of a naked lake
The Loon’s cry rose.
It was the cry of someone who owned very little.




Angels of Anarchy

Angels of Anarchy

By D’lo is now on the market. You can purchase a signed copy by visiting


When Satan possessed Junior Doucette, the son of a Watcher, he disrupted the ordained balance between Angels, and Devils. Lucifer’s malevolent influence over Junior began with the opening of Lucy’s mysterious box and ended with Junior’s heroic decision to fight back, the result of which forever changed the spiritual evolution of humanity.