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by D'lo


Limbo is a Portal (Comic) Fantasy with tragic undertones. Set in pre-Katrina New Orleans.
Tim Townsend is a young deaf psychotic man who escapes the reality of a murder trial. His journey begins in New Orleans and quickly toggles into the imaginary world of The Virtues, and the strange upside down world of Feather-fish. Tim, pursued by his nemeses Darwin Blackwell leaves his fantasy worlds and travels back to New Orleans where he finds closure in the dark turbulent bowels of Hurricane Katrina.


Blood Worthy

Blood Worthy









BLOOD WORTHY is a weird and wondrous character driven story, uniquely told, and vividly portrayed. The author, D’lo, with his rare gift of storytelling, successfully marinates tragedy and humor in this poignant story about the highly dysfunctional Random family. The story revolves around Odie Ray, his diabolical alcoholic father, and notoriously quirky family. Alaba, a voodoo priestess, enters the story when Odie Ray is a teenager. She becomes Cleo’s lover and Odie Rays voodoo mentor. An ancestral prophecy comes to fruition when both father and son, each in their own inexorable way, becomes possessed by ancient demonic spirits. The result of this Mephistophelian conflict leads to a brutal confrontation between father and son at a mysterious crossroads in rural Louisiana.


Angels of Anarchy

Angels of Anarchy








D’lo’s Angels of Anarchy subtitled Lucy’s Box, combines mystery, and fantasy in a novel featuring Junior Doucette.
When Satan possessed Junior Doucette, the son of a Watcher, he disrupted the ordained balance between Angels, and Devils. Lucifer’s malevolent influence over Junior began with the opening of Lucy’s mysterious box and ended with Junior’s heroic decision to fight back and expel the devil, the result of which forever changed the spiritual evolution of humanity.


Eidolon Bogey Remember Me, a New Book by D'lo

Eidolon Bogey Remember Me,









Eidolon Bogey Remember Me is a book of poetry that tells a lyrical story about the emotional tribulations and social misfortunes that befell two brothers who struggled to survive their nefarious mother’s abuse and abandonment. The poems in this book depict, in shocking detail, the lives of Eidolon Bogey and Skinny Tom, twin brothers sired by different fathers. The brothers, for the most part, lived a dysfunctional life of deceit, crime, and sexual exploitation. There were also in the latter part of their lives, sincere moments of tenderness, and remorse–More so Skinny than Eidolon.

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