Eidolon Bogey Remember Me, a New Book by D'lo

Eidolon Bogey Remember Me, a New Book by D’lo


Eidolon Bogey Remember Me

Eidolon Bogey and Skinny Tom are twins of contrasting color. They have different fathers. The light-skinned brother, Skinny Tom, commissioned D’lo to write a book of poetry that documented him and his brother’s turbulent life. A life that from conception was destined for hardship and failure. The poetry in “Eidolon Bogey Remember Me” renders in shocking detail, the actions of their abusive mother, the twin’s life of crime, and ill-fated love affairs. It also delves into the sibling’s internal discord, and disturbing reaction to personal loss, and betrayal. Skinny Tom and Eidolon Bogey’s life story, when placed in a social context, concerns the inherent complexities of individual lives, especially the disadvantaged, in today’s society. As Emma Goldman aptly stated, “Every society has the criminals it deserves.

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