Here is a fictional poem from D’lo’s new book of poetry, Eidolon Bogey Remember Me.

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Eidolon’s Return to Crime

My teeth glint in a smile. I am waiting
Below a streetlight smoking.
Wisps drift,
Up, ebbs into the night. Roberto Appears.
He sports a Fu Manchu, a greasy head
Of hair & walks in a fluid gangsta-
Rumba…step & drag, step & drag,
His hand swings, in rhythm, sways low
& rises free & easy.
A -38-pistola rides in his belt.
I nod a welcome-
He grins, looks at the darkening sky,
Looks at his shoes. Flags the nylon
Stocking out of his pocket,
To fit his face.
I look at the restaurant.
Estrella is working. It will be easy.

^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^     ^


Note the clandestine mood of the poem. In addition, notice the rhythm used to convey Roberto’s appearance and actions. Finally, D’lo used the last line to leap away from the two characters Eidolon and Roberto and focus on Estrella. He left the last stanza open for interpretation. Is Estrella a victim or an accomplice?



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