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Fictional Poetry- A Process of Innovation

and Invention

So, what is Fictional poetry? In general, fictional poetry is an idea extracted from reality and modified in such a way that the concept is no longer true. The writing, derived from the poet’s duplicitous imagination is fictitious. It is not confessional centered on personal experiences, but rather theoretical based on invented possibilities.

How does one write a free verse fictional poem? Here is my method using Plowing.

What is Plowing?

Plowing is a method of writing utilizing the subconscious to create poetry and prose. In poetry, one uses the subconscious to fabricate a scenario. This intuitive construct allows the lyricism of one’s voice to express poetic mood. Each poem will have a different tone based on topic, intent, and desired emotional impact.

As a side note, emotional poems tend to be slower, more melodic. Action poems tend to be faster with short bursts of energy more of a stutter than a song.

Your conscious mind does the editing.

Are you ready?

Select a topic or idea or just begin writing automatically. Do not be restrictive make your writing habitable, you will need to live in it for a while.

The first line will establish your tone.The body of the poem will contain your intent and rhythm. Write until you are satisfied, then edit.

Place the lines in logical order, remove all excess words, and limit the use of adverbs.

Think carefully about the last line. If possible, make it leap away from the body of the text as a summary or vision, something perhaps unrelated or distantly related to what you have just written.

Robert Bly is a master of the leaping technique. This is a short poem by Mr.Bly which demonstrates a leap in the last line.

A Loon’s Cry

From far out in the center of a naked lake
The Loon’s cry rose.
It was the cry of someone who owned very little.




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