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William Wilken Wilder Stood Naked is a novel in progress. The protagonist, William Wilkin Wilder is an elderly man who confronts death. Thankfully, he is not alone. Baby Billy is with him and the duo, young and old, in diapers, mount a hobbyhorse, and ride off on a weird and wondrous journey to find love before it is too late.
Does the story sound interesting?
I thought it might be appealing or distasteful to prospective readers if they had a chance to examine excerpts of discarded material perhaps to acquire a taste, good or bad, for the novel. I will release these little hors d’ oeuvre of deleted material periodically in hopes that feedback will be forthcoming.
Have fun with this little experiment and let me know what you think.
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Here is the hors d’ oeuvre:

The subject matter of the debate, as one can imagine, concerned the need for a speed limit on a seldom-used dirt trail and of course, the fastest speed recorded by a camel was well below the 40 MPH speed limit.”

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